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You are a legend!

We’ve worked with some enemies of technology change in diverse workplaces. We’ve dispatched from the front line during major events using automated systems. We embraced chaos and became resilient. So, we’re here to help you focus on your core mission critical operations and continue revealing your true legendary potential!

Mabel Tsosie, BSc CIS

President, Spottedhorse Infosystems LLC

Even since she was young, Mabel was always fascinated with business machines. Her fascination became a passion when she obtained B.S. in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University. Today, Mabel has a passion to infuse digital solutions into organizations with information management needs. Mabel also brings hands on experience working in Tribal business development where life is viewed as interconnected. Cultural competency is a vital asset in today’s complex global environment. As a Native American woman-owned enterprise, Spottedhorse Infosystems LLC recognizes the value of creating connections.

Mabel Tsosie Spottedhorse Infosystems LLC

Our Visions

Mission Statement

Provide highest quality B2B computer and professional management services with humanistic values.

Automate & Scale

Enable businesses to automate & scale their operations to accommodate growth leveraging technology.

Increase Efficiency

Develop services to help businesses move away from data silo that can cause severe inefficiencies.

Viable Contender

Support & increase the number of Native American owned businesses to become federal contractors.

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